were have I been

right I went awol don’t know how and I don’t know why. College is going great I made a 1920s dress successfully which is a first, I have an interview for my hnd technical theatre on the 19ths. my friend has recently been staying with me. she has a hard time with her step dad and sleeps on  sofa bed so she now stays with me. and I’ve decided to be more honest with who I am. my name is Suzanne and I’m 21 years of age, I said in the beginning tell my name but Lorna (bff) Stephen )bf) says I should start vlogging don’t know when that will happen but they says  I’m funny. anyways back to Lorna.  she has been my friend for 5 months but it feels like a life time. she’s everything you want and need in a  best friend. we have a system going and we both put our weight in for the chores. but I’m the chef as Lorna cannot cook ( sorry babe ) ;). she’s also amazing at art ill link her shop below. she is also into magic she has  given me readings and she is very accurate. like me Lorna has anxiety and we help each other with this were as before id suffer in silence I no longer have to.
I’m currently at Stephens whilst Lorna’s at mine painting and dealing with a hangover. and probably messaging her Spanish cutie we call him sex god. her one night stand when she went to Spain. she opened up how much she liked him and he feels the same. he on about saving up and moving to Edinburgh to be with her. her tarots did say travel so maybe Spain is on the card. I’m sure me and Stephen can tag along.;)
so how have I been not going to lie not so great not as happy as I should be the problem with anxiety is it takes over you and you have no control. I wake up and analyse myself my life my friends  . my relationship . I compare  myself and my relationship to how it used to be and find faults that probably arnt even there. I start to over think i think  Lorna will get bored of me or that I’m being annoying . I know this isn’t true  but it as been eating at me. I woke u feeling horrible with a dizzy head that felt like I was having the hangover not lorna. I haven’t asked when will this will end though as I’ve come to realise it will never leave there will be new challenges new life obstacles and new things for my anxiety to twist and attack me with but with great friends and family I’m going to battle till my last breath to try keep this anxiety at bay I’m sick of it stopping me from going out and cancelling plans. I’m ready
I’m back bitches. stronger and better.
bye my lovely’s stay strong. Edinburgh girl aka Suzanne



what I spent some of my winnings on

so I decided to sell some my dsi xl that I don’t use any more and the games this was given to me ages ago buy my dads friend and I gained 50 pounds from it so I decided to go on a mini spree with my friend I decided to try limit ad superdrug were having a 3 for 2 so I just couldn’t resit.

there new pallet was just sitting there in its golden glitter case but there were non left isert me drying on the ground but I wasn’t going to leave defeated so I checed out all there other pallets and found a pretty good copy.

The Flawless pallet which includes 32 shades from matt to glitter and its beautfill

it comes in this beautilfull rose gold box which is a bugger to open when wereing falsys but I don’t want to throw the box away so ill struggle.

the inside is  a gloss black bcase with rose gold wrtitng for the colour font sadly tho this makes it easy for finegr print marl=ks  but its not always whats on the out sde is it .

inside it features a mirror . I love this about make up rev they always have a mirrior inside  that is actually good and not one of those cheap ones you noramly get.

inside there are 32 shades.

lets just take a moment to reflect on the glories shades. it creams autum/ winter to me from the snowy  bases to the array of brown creas colours. then theres the shimmer shades which are just gorgus  they even adeded deep dark black  blues and a green so it works for everyone . I love the more bugandy colours were as my friend loves the darker shades so its just perfect

here are the watches and names yes thye all have cute names and they match perfectly.

here is 1 to 8 sorry about  angle did a double by mistake

9 to 16

17 to 24

and last but not least 25 to 32

o lets compare it to the new one. I sadly don’t haave the pallete but lets compare it to colours on line

now theres free pallet one in gold  called Life on the Dance floor VIP# one in silver Life on the Dance Floor Party and my new favroute which I didn’t know they did a rose gold one Life on the Dance Floor Guest


now the reason I love the rose gold as it has a lot of autume oranges and golds in it which is what I’m very much drawn to at the moment. also the price there retailing at 10.00 and there on offer for 3 for 2 so I could get all free and just pay to or add some other things to my basket. from the looks of it I think all three feture the colours I have in a bigger pan I do prefer those pans but for my money I’m happy with the one I have for now ill defently be purchasing the rose gold one because of the ornage hues in it so watdhc out for a review and swatch of that.

I almost for got I ordered another pallet from aliexpress ive been ordering a lot from there ill do my winter out fits for you when I have time. any ways the only resion I’m reviewing is because one it cost me like 6.00 bargin and I notice whilst on facebook that an add for huda came up with a picture of the fancy new eye shadow pallete every one raves about I thought it was mine as they are latterly the smame I’m so cofused so heres the huda next to my alip express one

some swatched more beautifully then others the coloures I don’t like is pink bubble gum bisque and moon girl just beaucse I don’t notmaly like colours like that and they swatched not  sogood. the bottom colours are nice I love the wine indian red and salmon as there winter/ autume colours and I love

so theres my honest review

edinburgh girl aka crazy chick sighing off




when you win 500 on the bingo

as you can guess by the title I won 500 at the bingo. and I’m extremely happy my mum is my accounted and she was struggling to find money to buy people gifts now I never go to extravagant but when u have to buy not just for your side of the family but also your other half even when u both split the price it still adds up. but during the last game when I lost all hope my number was called on the last game and the full house.  now what I’m about to tell you is not to attack my bf but to help others.

my bf is a major worrier I feel he has problems he has admitted to them but in time hell get help I’m from an aa family background and you can’t help someone who isn’t ready to receive it .any way he worry about money he has a full-time job but has bills to pay and me I do but my mother sorts it out it’s all my own money but I would waste vit so I get a weekly allowance once all my bills are paid if I need money my mum lends me it until I get paid I don’t use her and never will. I constantly buy her things shes been wanting but cannot afford if shes short when I get paid and t=she is greatful.l back to the story so I won  my bf was also 1 number away which I think made him more mad tat I was at 64 and he was at 60. ive won twice the first was  when I needed it for my deposit  for my flat my fMILY begged and borrowed and with out the money that I won they would have had to go to the loan shark. then I won this money and its going to help treat my family and his this Christmas. I instantly could tell something was off when we we’re quing to retreieve  my winnings he was distance and he’s voice had changed I pestered him to tell me what was wrong as I believe u should talk in a relationship I don’t like the build up. I eventually got it out of him were he said you won money that I could put towards my car finance and then I wouldn’t be grumpy and worry I your going  to spend it on present which is pointless I agree with him there but if it was me id be happy for him and that would be it I wouldn’t resent him id be happy for him. yes id still have my worrys but I would just scrim back in the presents. I belive presents isn’t everything but it shows you listen and care  I got my mum lloctain advent calender yes it 4.00 but  divided by both of us it works out at a reasonable price now i havent ever got her something so extravagant she loves the brand and wouldn’t ask for it due to the price but by getting her it im not thinkingg of my self instead of scraping back and getting myself driving lessons ext i chose her and that’s what she will see . thats i will tell you more about gifts below any way  i told him that he wouldnt imagine not given his family gifts he said he would tell them if he was short like me and his mum wouldnt care if he didn’t get her anything i said but you wouldnt be fine your low on money this year but  you’re not saying that u told me you cant just not get them something. . so i called my mum for help she understood his and my side her advice was this

next time we go we split the money

that he was wrong to act selfishly

but I shouldn’t badger it out of him.

moral of the story money isn’t everything split it and everyone happy. but don’t back down . your partner should be happy for you.

I was also upset because he had got a credit card to pay to get his car vamped up that’s why he was angry that o wont as he wanted to pay his car off he chose to get a loan out and instead of maybe going abroad cheaply and then paying it off our first trip abroad as ive never been he chose his car and now he didn’t think of the consequence there’s  a consequence to every desion you make. sometimes u have to be selfish other times you have to thing of the other person. having a fast car that you cant go that fast in over speed limits or a holiday abroad for half the price it costs to get the upgrade with the one you love

always think guys a

Edinburgh aka crazy girl offline


avon skin care and makeup that I love

hi guys and girls how’s everyone doing hope you enjoyed my last blog post.
so, when I took a year off to prepare me for Edinburgh I became an Avon rep and I love it I was doing well and was sad I couldn’t do orders any more but college comes first. anyway, back to the topic
my Avon favroutes.
colour trend lush lips in vanilla. vanilla has always been a favrioute scent of mine is good for summer and winter. colour trend is a cheap brand of cool and colour makeup by Avon. the lip barn only cost me 99p. its super soft and spells amazing .my lips are try all year round so having a good lip balm is key. I also got a cinnamon one as I love cinnamon but I’m sure if I like it or not will see once winter comes as cinnamon is my winter Christmas scent.
next is Avon naturals range. this range is affordable and all their ingredients are natural and safe so it won’t irritate your skin. I love to escape its coconut and star fruit. coconut is another februate scent of mine its fresh and relaxing. and great for the summer. I have it in the body wash the body lotion and the sprints even my boyfriend likes it as its not to power full. so, win win everyone’s happy if I’m lounging around ill add the lotion to my face and neck so at least my skins getting some tlc. its fast absorbing and doesn’t have that sticky feeling that some moisturiser and lotions give you.

next in the foots works range. this has everything to give your feet that much needed tlc my mum hope she doesn’t mind me saying this but her feet are bed like very bad the smell isn’t nice she has admitted this and the only thing that works is Avon footwork’s. I don’t use it a lot but I have started using the cool foot spray with coconut extracts as with the summer making your feet all sweaty and nasty a quick spirts and im all cool again it absorbs very quickly so I don’t have to worry and out rubbing it in or waiting for it dry so it’s good for those on the go moments
check out my shop ill add links to everything I’ve mention in the blog and other things that I’ve tested and know work’s
bye for now guys Edinburgh girl aka crazy chic sighing off

back story of my skincare

hi guys and girls hope you’re doing ok. The day is closing in fast I can’t believe its 3.00 already.

I was thinking of what I could post and got inspiration of other bloggers so I’m starting simple and something I have grown to love and learn about in the past year or so makeup. I’ll start from the very beginning

I was around 12 when I started experimenting with makeup my mum always taught me these    vital things to ensure clear skin

1.wash  face morning and night with a gentle soap cleanser.

2) Tie back your hair at night to ensure oil and dirt stays away from your face.

3 Tea tree oil is amazing it will be your new best friend. helps me any time I get a spot adding tooth paste is also good as it drys out the nasty stuff.

4) Use a good moisturizer I use a lush one I’ll do a review on that soon. You don’t want to go cheap  but you dont always have to go really expensive.My mum uses ponds cold cream,my mother in law uses garner. It’s also triel and error as everyone’s skin is different, some people prefer a thick cream were as others prefer thin.

TIP: apply down the ways and on your neck as this will stop sagging when you get older.

5)  sunscreen is vital even when it’s a dull day uv still sneaks through and its better to be safe then sorry.

tip: apply  before makeup.

tip: don’t just go by the factor,check the back of the bottle and there will be a number of stars  5 is best 1 is low so always go for 5 stars. This basically tells you how good it is at protecting your skin.

it’s that simple. 5 easy steps

My experience with makeup

I only used concealer to cover the spots and then it moved onto clear mascara, blush and a bit of face powder then at 14, I was allowed anything, my mum didn’t see makeup as a bad thing as long as I didn’t look like an orange umpalumpa. keeping it natural also ment my skin would turn bad later on. my mum has amazing skin she’s 50 and looks literally 10 years younger. All the women in my family always followed those steps and they too look young so i listen to the people with the clear skin haha.

She then started showing me how to remove my makeup,I did the same wash routine but added gentle face wipes. baby wipes are good but I moved on to ones with tea tree in them to help fight the spots. I also used makeup remover , I think  it was one by simple.

That was all i used up  until the age of 16-17 and started college. I lived in a small town and my college was situated 40 minutes away by bus in the next big town. the college itself was situated about 3 minutes walk away from the mall so you had to walk through the mall to get to it, this ment  I would often pop into superdrug or boots for makeup during lunch with my allowance. I also got hooked my youtube stars and bloggers talking about all this amazing makeup and I’ve been hooked ever since.

so that’s the back story. what age did you start using makeup. were you allowed. did you get any advice on products that you still use today.

by for now Edinburgh girl aka crazy chic sighing off



Ok I didn’t think it would be this hard, I don’t know what to say, I don’t want this to be boring, what would my teachers say start with something humorous nah that’s already been done before, I guess I’ll start with hi, hello, how are you. This blog probably won’t go any were but I still want to keep my identity safe as I’m going to be completely honest and open. In this blog, I’ll tell you all my secrets in hope that I can at least help one person in this world if they are dealing with what I’ve dealt with. So, will just call me Edinburgh girl or e.g. for short.
maybe we should get more acquainted if we’re going to be honest with each other.
I’m 20 years of age and I’m currently sitting in my boyfriend’s bed room more on him later. he’s sadly at work and I’m here bored and tired. (Don’t even know why I’ve had like 10 hours sleep + a nap.) Anyways,
I’ve only been in Scotland for around a year.
I’m Scottish born.
my mother is England but like to tell us that she has Scottish blood because let’s face it Scottish people are awesome. my dad is Scottish. I also have a brother and he’s 28 I think (oh dear that’s not good not knowing your brothers age). We don’t talk much he lives down south and is very busy but he’s there if I need him.
what else I’m 5ft 2 basically a titch. and I’m 7 stone which is weird surprising I latterly never stop eating.
I’m pale but am using an amazing self-tanning lotion by st tropaz more on that later too. so, have a slight glow to me.my features are mainly all small my ears know face shape hands now those are small I literally have the tiniest 20-year-old hands ever ha-ha.
I have short hair not pixy short more allice from twilight and it’s at the moment a fiery colour basically don’t dye your already beautiful auburn red hair brown then add blonde highlights, it doesn’t work I look ginger / strawberry blonde which isn’t a disaster but when I wanted to have the Ombre highlight look it’s a disappointment.
oh, I nearly forgot I have adhd dyspraxia and anxiety issues. always have always will that why I created this blog some of the things I’ve felt and been through its so hard to find help on the internet about it I hope I can relate to you and I’m here if you need my help.
my best friend is Nat she’s amazing god has latterly sent me an angle. She’s the kind of friend you dream off having. the one who doesn’t judge you cares for you when your sick would literally Dodge a bullet for you. she’s cute ad funny even though she doesn’t like to admit it and doesn’t see how amazing beautiful she is. Were more like sisters then anything. I seriously think we were separated at birth or something. She’s about a couple of inches taller maybe 5,5 and Slovak so has a tan to her skin she also has small features like me and short hair hers is curly I Envy it ha-ha aits also purple. I got her on the dye wagon (opps bad friend ha-ha) it was pink but She’s now has it purple.
I think that’s enough for now I hope I’ve intrigued you all, here’s to my Next blog where I’ll explain about my early life and now.


Edinburgh girl aka  crazy chic signing off